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Jodi and I sourced out our newest Diabetic Alert Dog from a wonderful group of Sheltie breeders and fanciers. Adam is a young blue merle hurricane. He is the first sheltie we've used for our program and he has me completely besotted. His work ethic is only surpassed by his joy when he successfully alerts on the low blood sugar samples (imprinting on high blood sugar is still to come). He has customized his alert to add a little extra sheltie flair and while I don't normally encourage that, it is his own clear and recognizable alert which is followed by his back chained behaviours, so I'll let this artistic flair of his flourish.

He was neutered the other day, but in true Adam form he bounced into the vets office, charmed the frazzled receptionist and office cat, and staggered out a few hours later with the joyful glow of a 2 martini buzz.

I love this dog. He will make an amazing service dog. I am so grateful for him.

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