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Our training program is intensive and takes approximately 6 months to complete. Our trainers are highly specialized in this area of diabetic alert training. We only train a small number of dogs per year, and as a result, feel confident we offer the best dogs available. Our trained dogs begin at $19,000 cdn.


Our training also includes: 

  1.  Intensive training with our team for a 5-7 days leading up to the transfer of the Diabetic Alert Dog into your home. The individual who will be using this canine as their Diabetic Alert Dog (and their families if they are under the age of 12) would need to be present for training at our location, during this timeframe.

  2. We continue training and support once the Diabetic Alert Dog team leaves, including return visits to us, reporting and review of Dog’s performance, video training assignments and possible home visits. Ongoing training and support will continue for at least the first 6 months the Diabetic Alert Dog is in your home.

  3. Canadian Alert Dogs Inc. will incur initial service dog certification

  4. No additional client resources (other than sample shipments) will be required for the initial 6 mo. training period

  5. Expenses incurred preparing the service dog for public access work such as ferry/plane (if required)/sky train/bus/public events such as concerts etc. will be the responsiblity of Canadian Alert Dogs Inc.

  6. Annual follow up to ensure continued success



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