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I have known Mary for nearly 20 years. She is best dog trainer I have ever met and so when my son was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes and I needed to get him a diabetic alert dog, she was the first person I called. I felt very helpless when my son was diagnosed suddenly, unexpectedly at 15. I had heard about diabetic alert dogs and had a determination to get this resource for my son. Mary took me seriously. She was instantly caring and empathic. She didn't think I was crazy for wanting this for my son. She did a lot of research for me and then we wondered if our Lab Julia could be trained. Mary offered to take up this challenge. She learned all she could about diabetes and she learned about alert dogs. Julia went to live with Mary and returned to us with a vest, perfect manners and the ability to detect low and high blood sugars. Having Julia is peace of mind, extra insurance, another pair of hands. and a comfort when my son is low and when he is sick. She watches over him at night as he sleeps and alert him if he goes low or high.

None of this would have been possible without Mary. I know she can do this work and that she is committed to helping diabetics. Her love and connection to dogs is incredible.
I cannot say enough about Mary or thank her adequately for what she did for our family.


Tanya C., Vancouver, British Columbia


We were very fortunate to have Mary Chaloner Blair of Canadian Alert Dogs train a Diabetes Alert Dog for our 11 year old son with type 1 diabetes.  This lovely black lab provides invaluable assistance for our son, often letting him know about low blood sugars before he is aware.  Mary and her training partner Jodi were very professional and accommodating.  We are from out of town, and she and Jodi made great efforts to provide local training as well as weekend sessions.  Mary is always just a phone call or email away for any questions or concerns.  We would highly recommend Canadian Alert Dogs for their expertise and commitment to providing well trained dogs for this challenging disease.


Heather and Greg C., Victoria, British Columbia


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