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Canadian Alert Dogs is pleased and privileged to offer service dogs that we have trained to assist children who have type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes. Our diabetic alert dogs are trained to detect sudden drops or spikes in their owner's blood sugar and clearly alert them so that they can take the necessary steps. 


Our dogs are also trained to activate an alert system if necessary. Their ability to detect and react to hyper and hypoglycemic episodes helps their owners avoid loss of consciousness and other serious effects. Ultimately, these highly trained diabetic alert dogs provide increased safety, security and independence.


Once our dogs have completed their diabetic alert training and in their new home we help prepare our clients for their certification test. Upon successful completion of the test, the dog will be a fully certified medical service dog in accordance with public access certification as required by the British Columbia Guide Dog and Service Dog Act (2015).


Our dogs are trained to the highest standards in both obedience and diabetic alert work.


Our experienced trainers ensure your new service dog is ready to be an important part of

your family.

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