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Diabetic Alert Dog Program- FAQ's

Thank you for your interest in the training program at Canadian Alert Dogs Inc. We hope the below FAQ will help you as you a first step to learning more about Diabetic Alert Dogs and our program.

  1. Can you tell me about your Diabetic Alert Dog program and how you train your dogs?

    1. We began our Diabetes Alert Dog training in summer of 2013. We work hard to train to a standard of excellence and consistency.

    2. Our dogs are trained in scent detection, obedience, proper socialization, and environmental exposure

    3. A dog that enters our Diabetes Alert Dog Program (DAD) program is trained to detect blood sugar lows and highs by using saliva samples taken from Type 1 diabetics as they test in a range below 4.5 or above 15, respectively.

  2. How many dogs do you train for Diabetic Alert each year?

    1. This varies from year to year and is currently unpredictable as finding suitable dogs/puppies is a challenge and one we take seriously as dog selection is critical for success. We will consider breeding a few select litters ourselves with a foundation female we recently acquired.

    2. Our foundation program means that we are unable to predict how many Diabetic Alert Dogs we will have in any given year or litter as we don’t know until the dog shows us that they have the focus, connection and temperament to be in the DAD program and excel vs. become family companion or other type of service dog.


 3. Do I need to meet any specific criteria to be considered for a Diabetic Alert Dog from your program:

     1 LOCATION:
          Given the demands of training and our commitment to follow-up work with you and the Diabetic Alert Dog, we are only able to consider             applicants who live within a 500 km radius of Canadian Alert Dogs Inc. or are free to travel to us as often as necessary

     2 AGE:

         At this time, Canadian Alert Dogs Inc. will consider applications for individuals over the age of 6 with restrictions.

     3. SMOKING:
        Given the critical nature of scent/odour detection in Diabetic Alert Dogs, Canadian Alert Dogs Inc. is not able to train or sell a Diabetic                 Alert Dog for an individual who smokes or for a family member who lives in a residence with smokers.

     4. PETS:

        Other dogs in the home will be considered on a case by case basis, however we generally do not place our service dogs in homes with          other dogs because we need to foster and encourage a strong dedicated bond between the service dog and our client. 

4.   What type of gaining and continuing education do you offer once a dog is purchased?

    1. We require intensive training with our team for a 5-7 days leading up to the transfer of the Diabetic Alert Dog into your home. The individual who will be using this canine as their Diabetic Alert Dog (and their families if they are under the age of 12) would need to be present for training at our location, during this timeframe.

    2. We continue training and support once the Diabetic Alert Dog team leaves, including return visits to us, reporting and review of Dog’s performance, video training assignments and possible home visits. Ongoing training and support will continue for at least the first 6 months the Diabetic Alert Dog is in your home.


   5. What is the process for purchasing a Diabetic Alert Dog from Canadian Alert Dogs Inc.?

        a. Complete our Diabetic Alert Dog Questionnaire
        b. Phone and in-person interviews with our team
        c. Home visits (or video home visits) & References
        d. A deposit is required to reserve one of our Diabetic Alert Dogs, however we do not accept deposits until we know we have a dog suited                 for the client
        e. We take great care in pairing the right Diabetic Alert Dog with the right person – it is important that we are able to see that the                             temperament and personality of the dog and handler are a good fit. This means that we may not always follow “first come, first serve” if

            we do not see the working dog/handler match. This is a very big investment for you and we do this to ensure that you get the right dog                 for your lifestyle and needs.

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