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Each client we work with is as much an individual as our dogs, so we get to know each on a personal level.  This process allows us to effectively match our client with one of our highly skilled diabetic alert dogs.  Simpatico is a key element for success.


In our program we use multiple breeds, however we favor the working dogs and select the best one for each individual situation. Once a dog has been selected and we begin the process, it takes approximately 6 months of extensive training to prepare the dog for life as a diabetic alert service dog. 

Our program includes the proper methods of selecting a diabetic alert dog prospect, as well as imprinting and training the dog, our program also covers record keeping, maintenance training, proofing and problem solving for diabetic alert dogs.

Our trainers and facilities provide realistic training scenarios to prepare both client and service dog for real-world alerts.

Once the training is completed we begin work with the client to prepare for transitioning the dog into the home. We spend the necessary time working with you so that you are confident and comfortable with the dog and the process. Follow up is important especially in the first few months so we make ourselves available via video interviews, telephone or in person. 


On occasion a client will have a dog and inquire about training theirs for the alert work – if the dog meets all of our standard requirements we will be happy to evaluate him or her.


Click here for Vancouver Sun interview with head trainer, Mary Chaloner-Blair, and article on one of our diabetic alert service dogs.

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